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February 23, 2010

Beep-Beep… Bride Coming Through! – Wedding Day Transportation

Hello all…. So have you been thinking about your wedding day transportation? Do you prefer a  limo sedan or a horse drawn carriage? Are you a Rolls Royce girl or a Jaguar girl? With budgets being trimmed, sometimes transportation is put at the bottom of the list. You can still focus on a jazzy getaway alternative for you and your groom. Check out a few below from our local vendors

Bayside Limo – Rolls Royce


Legacy Limo – Horse Drawn Carriage

Legacy Limo Horse and Carriage

Southern Maryland brides have alot of resources at hand to make your getaway really unique.  Check out a few ideas from “The Knot” that fit the Southern Maryland Culture.

1. Antique Truck – Ask a family member or friend if you can use their antique truck.  Shine it up and add a beautiful bow or wreath for decoration.


2.  Antique Car –  The same goes for an antique/vintage car.  Clean it up and add some decorations and signage to celebrate your union! :o)


3.  Boat – If your wedding has a waterfront view, use the river or bay as an unique getaway or arrival showstopper!!!  Your guys can even enter the wedding scene on a boat like James Bond “007”. It will make him feel like a star. :o)




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