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May 24, 2010

Ring Bearer – What Shall He Carry?

Happy Monday! The Ring Bearer is a cute little guy between the ages of four to seven who carries the wedding ring(s) in the processional.  The pillow is normally white and the rings are metal or foil copies.  The Best Man and Maid of Honor hold the real rings.  With that, why not add some pizzazz or an unique touch to what the Ring Bearer carries?   You have worked really hard to add that special touch to every aspect of your wedding, let’s do the same for the Ring Bearer.  Below are a few really cute and unique ideas:

    1. Robin’s Egg Nest –  Garden Side Studio is a designer on Etsy that offers a Robin’s Egg Nest that would be a perfect accessory for your Ring Bearer.  The ribbons and eggs come in different colors to match your wedding theme.

ring bearer3

    1. Ring Bearer’s Bowls – Paloma’s Nest offers a beautifully made small ceramic bowl for the Ring Bearer to carry.  It can be engraved with a special saying and used later on to hold jewelry or as a keepsake.

ring bearer 2

  1. Ring Bearer Flower Pillow – Your floral designer can make a pillow shape out of flowers and adorn it with a ribbon to put a spin on the traditional Ring Bearer Pillow.

ring bearer



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