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September 22, 2010

Why a Southern MD Wedding?- Final {Part III}

Hello everyone… Our last few blog posts have shown you many reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding in Southern MD.  This is Part III and the  final post of this series.  To recap, Southern Maryland isn’t just a place, it is an experience.  As Jacqueline of Jax Photography states, “There are  a lot of great places to walk and  historical sites to visit.  The wildlife is friendly, and so are the people.  You can also get some of the freshest crabs on the planet.”

As displayed in all parts of this series, “Why a Southern MD Wedding?”, simply,- it is a beautiful, quaint, yet magical place.  Enjoy…..


Southern MD JAX1

Southern MD JAX11

Southern MD JAX8

Southern MD JAX13

{Engagement Sessions}

Southern MD JAX9

Southern MD JAX3


Southern MD JAX6

Southern MD JAX4

Southern MD JAX2

Southern MD JAX10

Southern MD JAX5

Southern MD JAX7

 {Photo Credits: Jax Photography}


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