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December 6, 2010

Groom Love…

Hello to you…. I have to admit, we are partial to our Brides… Let’s face it Brides rule the world. lol  We do have to show our Grooms love as well.  So this blog is dedicated to the men out there looking for style ideas for their big day.  There are many options for the Groom’s attire.  They can go with the traditional tux, a nice suit, or even a linen outfit {if the wedding is on the beach}.

You can’t go wrong with a traditional tuxedo.  This look is for a formal and/or evening wedding.


If you are not a bow tie type of guy, a nice tie will look wonderful as well.


The Groom who wears white is a sophisticated and confident soul.  Just make sure the Bride is wearing a white dress as well.  You in white and your Bride in ivory is not a good look.


Grey and tan suits have become quite popular for the Grooms this year.  With a trend to the modern and vintage look, these color suits blend quite well.  Remember to add color with the tie to compliment the Bride’s flowers and make the colors pop in your photos.




This is the perfect look for a Beach Themed Wedding.  We call this casual chic.  You have a relaxed feel without the tie, but the jacket dresses it up to say “I am the Groom”.


For the young at heart, here is a playful look that is neat, clean, and comfortable.  If dress shoes aren’t your thing, buy a brand new pair of white tennies to complete your look.  As a forewarning, this does not always go over well with your mother in law to be, but in the infamous words of Shakespeare- “To thine own self be true.”


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Happy Planning!

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