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December 21, 2010

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress

Hello everyone!  We are always in favor of ways to make weddings unique.  One way to add that unique touch is in the dresses for your Bridesmaids.  A “Convertible Bridesmaid Dress” is a fairly new concept.    This design is a jersey knit dress, normally one size fits all, with lengthy fabric at the top of dress.  The fabric at the top can be tied, twisted, pulled, etc to create totally different designs.  It allows each of your Bridesmaids to accent their particular shape while still maintaining a uniform feel for the overall look.

 Erin Leigh Heart is a vendor on who sells these dresses for much less than what is advertised on the national market.  Shown below are dress designs and combinations from actual weddings.

Convertible Dress.logo

Convertible Dress1

Convertible Dress2

Convertible Dress3

These dresses are very versatile.  Here are a few of the many looks created from one dress.

Convertible Dress

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Happy Shopping!

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