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December 7, 2011

Bridesmaids with Style

Hello all….We love all things unique and different.  So we love the idea of mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids.  This adds a unique touch to the look of your wedding.  Now there are a few rules involved in selecting the different dress designs:

Rule #1:  The dresses should all be the same length.  If they aren’t the same the length, the overall look would be distracting.  You want the look to flow.  So, either go with all short, tea-length, or long.

Rule #2:  The girls should all wear the same shoes.  Many would disagree with this rule, but again, we want the overall look to be clean and flow.  Too many differences will again be distracting and take away from the dresses.

Rule #3:  The dresses should made of the same material and/or have a similar design element to pull it all together.

Example 1:  Here is a collection of dresses that is very sleek. Each dress has it’s own look, but it has the angle design throughout the bodice in each dress that pulls the overall look together.





Example 2:  Here is a striking collection of short dresses.  Each dress has a sweeping design with pleats that ,again, pulls the total look together and makes it flow.





Example 3:  This collection of elegant long dresses are all made of chiffon.  They each have a light and flowing feel to them that makes it work collectively.

Jasmine 1

Jasmine 2

Jasmine 3


Example 4:  This collection of long dresses emphasizes the design in the top portion of the dress.  The similarity is in the design at the top and a more simple bottom.

Jasmine 4

Jasmine 11

Jasmine 12

Jasmine 13


Example 5:  This satin pair is timeless. The similarity is in the design.  Both dresses have tops that drop at the waist.

Barijay 21

Barijay 22


Example 6:  This set of fun short dresses all have a satin edging at the bottom of each dress.  Even though the designs are different, this one element ties it all together.





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