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June 14, 2012

Engagement Photo Shoot…{Sena + Eric}

Hello all…  We would like to introduce you to one of our wonderful couples getting married next month.  Destiny brought together two souls from different parts of Africa, Eric Uwonkunda of East Africa (Rwanda) and Sena Ahohe from West Africa( Benin).   Eric and Sena were introduced by a common friend, Marc.  At the time, Sena attended college in  Manchester, NH.  She was to graduate in May of 2009.  Marc asked Eric to drive from Toronto, Canada to Manchester with him to attend Sena’s graduation because he didn’t want to make the long trip by himself.  Prior to making the trip, Eric asked for Sena’s phone number so that he could get to know her a little better and speak with the lovely lady that he would travel such a long distance to see graduate.  On April 22, 2009, Sena and Eric began a friendship that consisted of daily phone conversations that lasted for hours all the way until they came to Manchester for her graduation.  When they met that weekend, they connected and their relationship blossomed.  After college,  Sena moved to Maryland to start her career as a Pharmacist.  Eric lives in Canada and continues his profession as a Network Engineer.  Their relationship has thrived through trips to visit one another and long phone conversations.

Eric proposed to Sena on November 11, 2010, the night before another friend’s wedding.  She said YES!!!!  They will have a total of 3 wedding ceremonies.  Their first ceremony was held in Benin last August.  It is customary to have an African ceremony in which the groom visits the Bride’s family home to greet his bride.  This ceremony lasted the course of 3 days.  Their second ceremony will be held in Toronto where the groom’s family now lives.  The last and final ceremony will be the grandest of them all.  It will be held in July at the elegant and modern Samuel Riggs Alumni Center located in College Park, MD. There will be African dancers, live bands, lighting, and language interpreters. We are so very excited to assist Sena and Eric plan this grand affair.  Thank you Jax Photography for the beautiful display of their Engagement Photo Shoot.


Sena 0026_04252012

Sena D3S0600africanprincess

Sena 0266_04252012

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  1. fifame says:

    Congratulations guys…I was just searching over the net to see if there was anything like this in your names and i found it and i’m glad i did. May the Lord bring you together even more and may he consolidate your marriage. Be blessed and am so excited for you guys. Can’t wait for the ceremony in DC.

  2. A W says:

    I saw the newly couple wedding highliights on kauri media and was thrilled!! I am glad East Africans are expanding their horizons to the West Africans nations. I am from the East Africa (Kenyan) & I will be getting married this fall to a West Africa (Togolese)

    May GOD forever smile upon you! peace and forever blessings!!

  3. Sena says:

    Congratulations! May god bless you too Aw. Thank you so much for the comments. Yes kauri did an excellent job and so did trebella events and all the other vendors…And you are so right about east and west Africans coming together as one. So welcome to west africa…benin and togo are next to each other. We are the same people…you will be my How about you teach me swahili and i teach you french and mina (togolese language). Lolll
    All I can say is that when you find the right one, where he or she comes from doesnt matter…and also god doesn’t discriminate when choosing someone for you:) best wishes

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