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October 10, 2012

{Rustic Chic} vs. {Vintage Chic}

Hello all,

Brides have many decisions to make when it comes to their wedding.   One main decision that sets the tone of their whole day is the “Theme” of their wedding.  A theme can be very subtle.  It can exude a feeling of elegance and simplicity, or it can be more trendy with recurring elements seen throughout the ceremony, cocktail, and reception.  Two very popular themes are {Rustic Chic} and {Vintage Chic}.  There is a difference.  {Rustic Chic} leans towards the outdoors.  This design has a very natural feel whose main design elements are typically barns, burlap, and mason jars.  Chandeliers and touches of bling can soften the outdoorsy feel and make it more feminine.  {Vintage Chic} reaches back in time and pulls elements from the Victorian era.  Lace is a must in this design theme.  Tablescapes and centerpieces consist of small clusters of vintage vases filled with soft colored flowers and touches of baby’s breath and gold or silver accents.  This design also shares a love of chandeliers and bling.

We adore both themes.

Which is your favorite?

{Rustic Chic}


Source: via TreBella on Pinterest

Source: via TreBella on Pinterest

Source: via TreBella on Pinterest


{Vintage Chic}

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                                 Source: via TreBella on Pinterest

                                           {Feature photo: Source: via TreBella on Pinterest}


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