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November 20, 2012

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Hello all,

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers have the ability to steal the show and be the center of attention {after the Bride of course}.  These little guys and girls are dressed to the “T” and “primped and primed” to look the Bride and Groom on wedding day.   They can be your child, your family member, or friend.  You have selected them to participate in your big day.   Here are some of our favorite looks for them in 2013.

Flower Girls:

She is the beautiful special girl in you or your fiance’s life that you have asked to walk down the aisle before you.  Flower girls are typically 4-8 years old.  She is dressed in the same color as the Bride and typically wears a dress similar in style.  Meaning, if the Bride has a full gown with lots of tulle, the Flower girl may have a dress with a full design as well.   Of late, many Brides are choosing nontraditional looks for their Flower girls.  A nontraditional look may be a dress that is embellished with lace or ruffles that has more of a vintage look.  The dress may also have color rather than be white or ivory.  All of these looks are stunning and will make your guests “ohhh” and “ahhh” as your little princess walks down the aisle.

                            Source: via TreBella Events on Pinterest
                         Source: via TreBella Events on Pinterest
Ring Bearers:
This little guy stands for the Groom and is a special guy
in you or your Groom’s life.  He is also typically 4-8 years old.
Traditionally, the Ring Bearer wore a tux or suit similar to the
Groom’s look.  Today, more and more Brides are selecting
more stylish looks which include pageboy hats, vests, and
suspenders.  As with the Flower Girl, either the
traditional or nontraditional look will be a winner.
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Family Pets:
The family pet in most cases is thought of as the Bride and Groom’s
child.  Some may want to include them in their wedding day.
If you have a rambunctious little guy that won’t behave
during the ceremony for the walk down the aisle, he can still
be included in pictures after the wedding.  Do yourself a favor and
assign a family member to watch after him/her during the ceremony.
You want to be the center of attention, not the pet.

                                               Source: via TreBella Events on Pinterest




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