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February 4, 2013

::Lovely Lavender::

Hello all,

Purple is such a beautiful color that is lovely in any hue {dark to light}.  Lavender is a light and airy hue that goes with many colors.  Below I will show you how well it works with earthy tones of green as well as with a more contemporary color mix with gray.

::Lavender + Pistachio Green:

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812836e4b44c9c7261408dd7d2fbde68 (1)
b8846def0e3f2f0536ef4e44905604d5 (1)
41c97500d719da86e7597f3a79523be3 (1)

::Lavender + Gray::

6826f5741cf7706773757e26ebef873d (1)
e9fae64abf1e2b7083d7c2d05486cf49 (1)
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