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March 22, 2013

::Ceremony Ideas::

Hello all,

As you look for inspiration to plan your wedding day, don’t forget the decor for your Ceremony.  The ceremony is the first part of your wedding day that your guests will experience.  There are many ways to incorporate your wedding theme and design into your Ceremony area. Here are several ways to WOW and inspire your guests while you exchange vows with the man of your dreams.  Have fun and enjoy!!!


::Wow Factor::

Since the ceremony is the first part of your wedding day that your guests will experience, you can “Wow” them with a stunningly beautiful altar made up of florals, sleek modern clear columns, or draping.  All are sure ways to make a beautiful statement.



 ::Rustic/Outdoor Altars::

If you are having an outdoor ceremony held in a beautiful garden or overlooking the water, make sure that the ceremony space flows with the surrounding.  Adding an archway of willow branches accented with florals and greenery can be simple yet very romantic.



 ::Religious feel::

If you want to incorporate a religious feel to your outdoor ceremony, don’t be afraid to use a cross.  You can show your faith by adding candles and flowers to a beautiful table or even have a cross hang from a structure or archway.



 ::Table Setups::

In mostly all designs for the Ceremony, a table is needed.  It will hold the unity candle/cross or sand vases and any other special items.  A really unique idea is to use a statement piece as your table.  It can be a table with mirrored sides or more of a rustic hutch.  Anything unique can be embellished with florals and candles to add a beautiful touch to your Ceremony decor.

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