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January 27, 2014

::I Can’t Hire a Wedding Planner!!!::

Hello all,

With Engagement Season coming to a close, many of you are on to the next step- planning your dream wedding!  With that comes a rush of excitement and also a feeling of being overwhelmed.  You are scouring the Internet and attending local bridal shows looking for the latest trends, ideas, and deals.  Many of you begin to ponder “Do I need a Wedding Planner”?

Here are the top reasons that we hear“Why Brides can’t hire a Wedding Planner.”

:: I can’t afford to hire a “Wedding Planner”.

             We are there to be your planner, your sounding board, your negotiator, and so much more.  We are in your corner to make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams as well as to save you time and money.  We work with the vendors on a regular basis to know who will be a good fit for your wedding in terms of pricing, personality, and style. We can also get discounts through our network of wedding professionals.


:: The Church and/or Reception Venue’s coordinator will be there to handle my wedding. 

The venue’s coordinators are there because they are part of the venue’s staff and are hired to maintain and manage the venue only (i.e. food, rentals, staff, etc…).  Many are not seasoned and trained professionals with the experience to handle delicate situations and multiple vendors. They don’t have the big picture for your day.  As their main goal is to ensure the facility runs smoothly.  They haven’t been part of the planning process and don’t know the intimate details and experience of  your wedding to be able to handle delicate situations that may arise.


:: I have family and friends who have volunteered to help me the day-of. 

This is a super nice gesture for a family member to offer their time on your wedding day.  However, you want to leave the most important day of your live in the hands of a skilled professional.  Wedding Planners have the training and expertise to ensure that your day runs smoothly and to make sure that all of the little details are in order.

We want you to focus on the fun aspects of wedding planning.  Yes, there are tedious tasks and tough decisions to be made, such as setting the initial budget, but let us do the hard part.  We are experts at maintaining budgets, comparing vendors/venues, and keeping all details aligned.   “Help us, help you”  (“my favorite Jerry McGuire quote”)


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