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June 4, 2014

::Stylish Sweetheart Tables::

Hello all,

More and more brides are requesting creative designs for their Sweetheart table.  What is a Sweetheart table one may ask?  It is the table that for only the Bride and Groom at the wedding reception.  Typically, it is accented with votive candles and the bride places her bouquet in the center and voila’!  Of late, my clients want more.  They are requesting lush floral tablescapes, custom chairs fit for a king and queen, and varying candle displays.   This certainly comes at a price, but I would agree that it is the focal point of the reception.  All eyes are on the bride and groom and their Sweetheart table. 

There are a few elements that fabulous tables possess:

1.) Lush floral tablescapes – The florals on the Sweetheart table should have the same colors and design of the guest tables, but it should be more grand to get the wow factor.
2.) Custom Chairs – We are seeing beautifully designed high back chairs that are fit for a king and queen.  It is easy to splurge on the high end furniture, as you only need 2 – one for the bride and one for the groom.
3.) Spectacular Linens –  If you fell in love with a decorative linen but it was too expensive to place it on each guest table, here is where you can use it.  Showcase it on the Sweetheart table
4.) Candles – As with the floral design, here is another opportunity to do a beautiful display of candles to draw the eye.

Here are a few creative ideas to inspire you to design a fabulous table:




Sweetheart Table Decoration




 {Featured Image:}



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