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August 3, 2014



Please welcome Raquel and Courtney!  They are the next TreBella Events couple to marry.  They will be celebrating their union in just a few weeks at the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center located on the campus of the University of Maryland in College Park, MD.

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How they met:

After crossing paths several times, the two love birds met in college through a mutual friend.  Raquel and Courtney exchanged numbers and played phone tag several times.  Mainly Courtney did all of the calling. :o) Court decided to call one last time and finally Raquel was free to talk.  They talked on the phone for hours. From that moment they became friends.  The friendship turned into going on dates which led to becoming an item! The funny thing is that the two met in college located in VA, but they are from the same town in Maryland!  It took them to travel to Virginia to find one another. :o)  Also our families are from the same town in South Carolina.  This turned out to be a match made in heaven.   Finally, after eight years of dating they are tying the knot!


The proposal:

On Raquel’s 25th birthday, Courtney was pressing her to make plans which was odd because she never really celebrated birthdays. Raquel decided to get a limo and invite some friends to dinner and Court invited some of his friends as well.   The group all met up and the limo took them on a tour of DC and to the dinner at a downtown restaurant.  After dinner, everyone sang “Happy Birthday”.  Raquel was offered a special glass of  champagne. She took a glance at the glass and at the bottom was a sparkling ring! Court asked her to drink the champagne and to give him the ring  She handed him the ring and he was so nervous he just sat there with a blank stare.  She cleared her throat and said, “uhmmm”! lol  The nervous Court then proceeded to say, “Will you marry me?”.  Raquel said, “YES”!  All of their friends screamed and celebrated. The whole restaurant was looking at them and then joined in on the congratulations!!

We can’t wait to bring their wedding vision to life!  She chose a combination of my favorite colors!  Please check back in to see photos of their big day!  Thank you Memories of Bliss Photography for photos!




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