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June 29, 2015



Hello all,

Happy Monday!  We are so excited to introduce such a fun and fabulous couple – Charisse and Adam.  This NY couple has planned a romantic and dreamy wedding this coming fall in the bride’s hometown.  Being an architect, Charisse leaves no detail to chance.  This wedding is surely going to be spectacular.   They will be celebrating their union this October on the beautiful Leonardtown Wharf located in central St. Mary’s County, MD.



::The Proposal::

{Caution readers!  Be ready for tears.  I cried like a baby while reading this.  It is such a beautiful proposal!  Good job Adam!:o)}

In Charisse’s words:

We were going to visit my family for Thanksgiving and planned on leaving Thanksgiving morning to beat the traffic. To make traveling easier I was going to spend Wednesday night at Adams’ so we could leave early the next morning. I leave work on Wednesday and travel to a snowy cold New Jersey where Adam was waiting for me at the train station. We get in the car and he asks me if I’m really hungry or if I could wait because there was a certain restaurant that he wanted to take me to but it was 45 minutes away. I told him I could wait so we started on the way to the restaurant. We talked and laughed until 30 minutes into the ride and tons of traffic when I was STARVING. Due to the traffic we had about 30 more minutes so I tell him to scratch the idea of the restaurant and let’s just find somewhere to eat close. He insisted we continue to the restaurant. So with a lot of complaining from me we continued to drive and ended up in Princeton New Jersey. We pulled onto a tree lined road with twinkling lights and fresh snow. Then we pulled into the Peacock Inn and he said surprise. I booked us a room here for the night so we would be an hour closer to your moms house tomorrow. The valet parks the car and takes our bags inside. This beautiful hotel is home to a fine dining restaurant on the lower level. After we are seen to our suite the chef calls us for dinner. We sit down in an intimate alcove and have an amazing special tasting menu. After dessert was served Adam excused himself from the table and returned a few minutes later, he said he had gotten up to take care of the bill. We left the dining area and walked to our room. I open the door to a candlelit room. We step inside and Adam gets on one knee, pulls out the box and says ‘Will you be my wife?’ I respond with ‘WHAT?!! WHAT IS THIS?!! TURN ON THE LIGHT!!! TURN ON THE LIGHT!!’ And he repeats again “Will you be my wife? ” And through lots of tears I said “Yes, of course”


We can’t wait for their big day!  Thank you Charisse and Adam for sharing your photos!




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