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June 13, 2017

Engagement Photo Shoot…{Michele + Andrew}

Hello all,

Happy Summer!  We are hot and heavy into our wedding season and  wanted to post about our newest couple – Michele and Drew.  They will be celebrating their nuptials in just a few weeks – July 2, 2017  at Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center located on the campus of University of MD College Park.  We are super excited to be assisting them with fabulous decor for their big day.  Michele and Drew are such an amazing couple.  We can’t wait to work with them to make their day special and beautiful. {Photos by: Clean Slate Wedding Photography}

Michele 2

::How they met::

Michele and Andrew met at Montgomery College at the Germantown campus. Both taking an evening Biology class. Talk about fate… Michele never wanted to take an evening class, but all the Biology 107 morning classes were full. In order not to fall behind, she took the only available class. Andrew having a full time job at the NIH, only took evening classes. Therefore, God had to put a twist on things and put Michele in the evening class as well. Not happy taking a four-credit evening class, Michele went to class strictly to learn and not socialize. But like anyone who has taken a science class knows you need the help of your classmates to succeed. Michele befriended two lovely ladies in the class, who sat perfectly in the middle to listen to the lecture. As the semester went on, Michele and the two other ladies became distracted by a group of boys in the back (Andrew included), who would always talk and laugh during lectures. It wasn’t until lab later that evening that Andrew wanted to also make sure that he got a good grade. Andrew walked up to Michele while she was looking into a microscope and asked for help on a lab assignment; Michele couldn’t resist and helped him without question. Now, it was time for the dreaded midterm… Michele was studying in the library in full focus mode, she glimpsed at the window and saw Andrew walking into the library, but didn’t think anything of it at the time. Andrew walked up and squat down near her and asked for assistance on a last minute question.


From that moment, they became very consistent study partners. They were inseparable. On their last day of class, final exams were finished but a blizzard had begun. Both Andrew & Michele were relieved that the semester had finally ended. To celebrate some of the students in the class went to Applebees. Andrew invited Michele to the celebration and she agreed to go. As both were leaving the campus, Andrew offered to help clean the snow off her car. Michele was definitely grateful. Slowly but surely the two began finding out things about each other and what they had in common. That night there was undeniable chemistry between the two love birds. Although they have many things in common, they also have their differences. But those differences have allowed them to balance each other out in every way. It has also given them both a different way of looking at life as a whole. 


Michele 3


We can’t wait for their big day!  Thank you Michele and Andrew for sharing your photos!



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