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January 23, 2013



We would like to introduce to another lovely couple :: Lauren + Garrett.  They will be getting married this June at the River’s Edge Catering and Conference Center located on the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, MD.

Garrett and Lauren met the very first weekend of college at “Getting to Know You Bingo”. He sat down across from her and had perfect hair…She didn’t pay much attention to the Bingo numbers from that point on. They exchanged names, but that was it. Over the next few weeks they found out that they had quite a few mutual friends. Lauren certainly didn’t mind seeing Garrett so often and made it her mission to sweep him off his feet. She wasn’t sure how successful she was at first, but here they are more than 7 years later!


Although they had talked about getting married many times, when proposal day rolled around Lauren had absolutely NO idea. Gar had surprised her a few weeks earlier with tickets to The Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center. She was beyond excited, but still completely clueless that this was part of a proposal plan. He said that they’d make a day of it and would spend time together in DC until their show.  Apparently he had planned on ending the night at the Jefferson memorial where the view is unbelievable. This didn’t happen. Pretty soon after they got to DC, he said that the Jefferson memorial was next on their agenda. He told her later that he couldn’t stand the thought of waiting until the end of the night to pop the question. They circled the memorial a few times because Garrett was waiting for the few people who were there to clear out. When he got down on his knee, they were the only ones there except for a security guard or two. Lauren cried hysterically and only heard about half of the wonderful things Garrett said. Otherwise the whole moment was an amazingly exciting blur! They made at least a million phone calls as Garrett whisked her away to The Kennedy Center. Although she is sure the ballet was fantastic, Lauren spent the entire show wowed by a fantastically beautiful ring and an even more fantastic fiance.





We are super excited to be assisting this couple on their wedding day!  Thank you , Jax Photography {}, for providing such beautiful photos of their engagement photo session.




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